Florida Collaborative Trainers

Florida Collaborative Trainers offer a unique two-day training in the Interdisciplinary Team Model of Collaborative Law. The team is comprised of two attorneys, one neutral mental health professional (MHP) and one neutral financial professional (FP).The training focuses on the skill sets of each profession and the integration of those skills in the collaborative process.

This distinctive and dynamic presentation provides a thorough understanding of the collaborative divorce process from its inception to its conclusion. The training addresses the roles of each discipline, individually and as a team, and includes negotiation, communication and team building skills, ethical considerations, the emotional, legal, financial and psychological components of divorce and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

Training modalities include demonstrations set in "real time," didactic power-point presentations and interactive discussions with the attendees. Materials are available on CD and online and include, but are not limited to; collaborative practice forms, protocols of practice for each discipline, necessary legal documents, articles of interest and a bibliography of relevant readings.

Although originating in the area of family law, this alternative dispute resolution process is readily adapted to many other areas of law.

The Florida Collaborative Trainers
are available for 2 Day Basic Introductory  or Advanced Trainings.

Advanced Topics Include:

 "Recognizing and Managing the Difficult Client"

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Professionals Who Haven't Quite Made the Paradigm Shift"

 "It's Not All Talk - Communication Skills"

 "Structuring the Collaborative Process"

 "What Really is Interest Based Negotiation?"

 "Who's in Charge? - The Brain and the Collaborative Process"

 "The New and Empowered Role of the MHP"

The Florida Collaborative Trainers
maintain the highest ethical and professional training standards as established by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP).  The IACP sets the standards for training, trainers and practitioners although they do not certify or endorse specific trainings.  Both the Trainers and our Training meet and exceed IACP standards. These standards are found at www.collaborativepractice.com.

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