"One of the best programs I have attended in 28 years of practice. Clear, well thought-out. Your enthusiasm for the subject is obvious." 
– R.F. Attorney, Miami, 2009

"The speakers were extremely knowledgeable, informative and charismatic. I was very impressed by their ability to succinctly and comprehensively cover such a large amount of pertinent information while keeping the audience engaged."     
– S.S. MHP, Miami, 2010

"Thank you for one of the best professional training sessions I have ever attended in my 30 year professional career. The insights I received, the tips, the hands on experience at the training will no doubt make me a better collaborative professional. I learned to be more sensitive to the client’s needs and desires, especially the difficult clients and cases. I learned about the rules and procedures which although I had practical experience I did not have the academic background or the reasons behind these important collaborative rules and procedures. I learned that communication between the parties and the professionals throughout this process is the key element to a successful collaborative case result. I learned new presentation skills for difficult financial analysis. Every collaborative professional must go through one of these trainings."
-- P.G., CPA,  Family Mediator, Miami, 2012                                                                                                               "I have been to other collaborative trainings and I found yours to be the best one I have attended.  Your group was able to move beyond where most groups get stuck - the Paradigm Shift, and get into the meat and potatoes of exactly how it is done....the mechanics, which is where we newbies flounder.  Thank you for putting the extra effort into building your training workshop." - S.H., JD, CPWA, CDRA, CFP, Jacksonville, 2016                                                                                       

"Lana's (Lana M. Stern, Ph.D.) presentation is the key which unlocks the doors to effectively coordinating the role of the MHP with the other professionals in the Collaborative process."  - Stu Webb, 2009

“It is obvious right from the start that these collaborative professionals really understand the theory and practice of how a team of attorneys, an mhp, and a financial consultant can help divorcing spouses to get their best collaborative divorce. Their What Not To Do and What To Do skits have really typical examples of what actual clients say and do. They seem to have so much fun working together. Their scripts are laugh-out-loud funny. I wonder how they can keep a straight face as they say the lines that their characters say and take the outlandish positions that they take. They display really artistic forms of empathy. They calm the clients down and return them to addressing appropriate concerns with rationality.  I have been attending continuing education seminars since 1989, and this is the most informative and the most entertaining seminar that I have ever attended. Thank you for making serious learning so much fun.”  
--   Dr. K, MHP, Texas, 2013

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